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Look for my PDF transcript of "How You Look At It"...I'm arranging to make it available through Paypal. I used MagicScore Guitar 8, it works great, with treble clef, tab, chord grids, and alternate tuning which also shows in tab.

One More Step

I feel this tune, in those times when I’m exhausted, frustrated, and at the end of my wits, I see no options. I try to explain my situation to a friend….sometimes they just laugh. Whatever you are going through, when it feels like running a marathon….take one more step. I've got a vocal part that I hope to add some day soon....

Also at CD Baby.

This was made with an ART FX-1 harmonizer with Taylor acoustic, DR660 drum machine, and GR1 Synth.

It's Not About Me

Have you ever been in a group, where someone talks about themselves, and they don’t ask how you are doing, your interests, your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs? It seems like the conversation is all about them. The point is….to have a two way conversation, and connect…..

Also at CD Baby.
This was made with a Taylor acoustic, and GR1 Synth for the sax and bass, DR660 drum machine.

Foggy Night

This was inspired by a chord progression, but turned into an image of the Lonely Hearts Café, where it’s night, it’s just rained, the streets are foggy, steam rises from the sewer grates. I want to see my future, have a bright and clear outlook, full of hope, adventure, and security….but…..I often feel like I’m walking down that street….I cant see ahead, its dark, foggy, lonely….but its only for a phase of time…things will get better again in the cycle.  Also at CD Baby.

This was made with a Taylor acoustic, and GR1 Synth for the trumpet and bass, DR660 drum machine.

Ive Waited So Long

Like most people, we long to be accepted and affirmed, with a sense of security and peace. But’s hard to find these things. If I want to find the right person, I need to be the right person...and that certainly takes time. I’ve been working on me...I’ve waited so long...

Also at CD Baby.

This was made with a Taylor acoustic.

And They Lived

When conflict happens…..what then? Argue, ignore it, minimize it, hope that it will go away, just let time pass? It's really hard to be transparent, and not live in the shadow....working through it lets us LIVE!

Also at CD Baby.

This was made with a Taylor acoustic, stereo cello, and string bass.

Time Tokens

There’s so much to do….so little time. I have 15 minutes...on what will I spend my time token? You can feel the percussive urgency of the stop watch. The tick is an ironic reminder of the unseen currency of time...I need to invest it.

Also at CD Baby.

This was made with a Taylor acoustic, loop of a stop watch, and GR-1 synth for bass.

How You Look At It

Decision making is often really tough.....if I wait to take action, then am I 'choosing not to choose'?...some say it’s better do something, rather than nothing....though it's unwise to rush into the unknown.


It is rare...and refreshing to have a friend who will often brings us to our own conclusions. On the other hand....there is plenty of advice out there.....what worked for someone else may not necessarily work for me. It all depends on 'How you look at it'.

Also at CD Baby.

The Kings Chamber

I imagined what it would feel like, when I’ve done something wrong…if I had to go to the Kings Chamber, deserving punishment…but, I find mercy, a second chance, and there is great relief!

Also at CD Baby.


This was made with a Taylor acoustic, and "wall-o-verb".....I think its an Alesis Quadraverb.


There may be three people in my lifetime that I will have as close friends, where I can be myself. One friend inspired this song as we had coffee and late night talks.

Also at CD Baby.


This was made in the studio, additional parts using GR-1 Synth for the marimba sound.

A Special Favor - Violin

Someone asks, "Will you do me a special favor?" The reply is usually, "Sure". It often requires a sacrifice of time and going out of your way. Attitude is most important, as the favor will be done to benefit the other person.

The Undertow

Romance between man and a woman is a mystery. As friendship progresses, it's like a subtle current that moves you down the shoreline. Maybe only one person realizes the pull of the undertow. Then the test begins. Will he or she hold on tightly to make the relationship work, or let the other person go freely? With the "letting go"...the two people make it through the undertow.

Also at CD Baby.

All Things Are Possible

I have my dreams, thoughts, desires, and I move forward in time, believing that I'm living with purpose. But things often don’t work out….the unexpected, murphy’s law, brick walls, things break. As Churchill said, "Never give up"... keep thinking, focusing, dreaming, planning, and some day WILL be your day.

Also at CD Baby.

There Is A Better Way

Do you sometimes find that people give you a “treatment”? Sarcasm can be funny….but it can be misused to make innuendo and inference ….maybe in protection of a false self, for power or control…..It's better to just be authentic, transparent, admit failures and mistakes, and be real.

Also at CD Baby.

Light Through The Trees

I was hiking with a friend at Radnor Lake in Nashville, TN. The day was sunny at first, but later, the sky seemed overcast, because of the covering from the canopy. As the evening sun was going down, we saw a beam of orange light through a break in the trees. I said "Sort of like light at the end of the tunnel". Life can be going great, but then grow dark, like a storm rolling in. When a friend brings encouragement and hope, it's like "Light through the trees".

Also at CD Baby.

Irish Folk Song

There is that awkward moment at the doorstep, after a date, when you wonder if you should hug or kiss. This deciding moment will often 'set the precedent'. It seems out of place, and too deep to have 'the talk' which has not yet been spoken, and usually strains the spontaneous nature of freedom. Will innocent motives make the relationship more than you intend? If you do nothing, does it mean you don’t care? Will the other person feel unworthy?

All of this is a mystery!

Also at CD Baby.


There may be times when we feel confident and independent. But soon comes the balance of struggle, frustration, and searching for answers. It is that feeling of  "hitting the "bottom", having tried all options and soul searching. It takes humility to admit a 'brokenness', which then leads to rebuilding...and like a broken bone, you will soon be stronger than before.

Also at CD Baby.


When you are getting to know someone, you have a first hand experience of what that person is like when you are with them. But when you are apart, you may begin to "imagine" what they were like.....which may not be the real "them". There is static then, between the perceived and the real.

Also at CD Baby.

Dave Patrick
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